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Joe Holmes



In the midst of Viking raids, it’s Osyth’s destiny to enter a dynastic marriage with the King of Essex thus destroying her dream of becoming an Abbess. When the Mercian Princess is taken by a band of raiders, she must decide to call on her betrothed and be bound to vows or wait for a higher power to intervene.


I have made many bad decisions and many good ones. Afterwards, you are given a choice to change, you don’t get stuck- you break through. You can attempt anything and if you do- you can change the impossible. You can do the unthinkable. We have all felt like we are trapped, but we can’t lose hope with a change of attitude and years of pain- I have done what a few years ago, would have been impossible for me. Running, cycling and swimming my way through Ironmans and Cross-Channel Swims I have learnt that you can do anything. I have discovered that it is far from easy.


Tom, a tired IT consultant and Lily, an overworked doctor get snowed in together and are faced with their idle marriage- they want to rekindle their love, but they both think the other has cheated.

Psychological Thriller Screenplay


2026. The world has been taken over by tyrants to support their ventures. Sergei Spitzver holds power in Great Britain and is one of the most ruthless of the ten- a group of villainous leaders. When armed men arrive at the gates of driftwood house, Joe is not ready, watching as his family falls apart. Discovering peculiar powers, he and his loved ones must rise to form an allegiance of other people with abilities- Virtuosos- across continents and restore the world to its former glory.