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Joe Holmes

Howdy travellers! Welcome to the section devoted to all things travel and holidays. Whether you fancy a three-week tour through Europe or a cheeky weekend in a field, you'll find it here.

Scroll down to embark on a journey.

Autumn 2019

Coming soon- October half-term holiday in England.

Brugge, Belgium

The first three days of our Easter European tour started in Brugge. Of course, we had to get there first- but lets cut to the pretty pictures of the square. The horses and carts are a nice touch- until your dog starts barking at them!

On guard in case of horses!

Trier, Germany

Yes, okay, I've skipped to day seven. But, I like that photo. As you can see, I bought myself a new house. Trier features an astonishing 8 world heritage sites, only I can't remember if we visited them all because I was intrigued by a street seller shaping wire into the most intricate sculptures. I bought one in the shape of a bike.

Luxembourg City,

That's in Luxembourg if you're a bit slow.

Stuff chronology, we're on day six now! I remember at this stage in the holiday I was heavily discomforted by predetermined walking routes. Or, more so, my parent's ability to map read. At the start, the viewpoint at the end was 100m away, I wanted to go and take a photo. No no, the route meant I had to wait another few hours for that.