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Joe Holmes



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"You are the only one who can change you."

I don’t know about you, but I had never been to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. When I was invited to an open meeting, if anything, I was scared. All I had to go on was various television depictions and celebrity cartoons. I was expecting a circle of twenty plastic chairs, brown chairs like you’d find in a school. They’d be a handful of rough looking slouched men, dwarfing the chairs and intimidating the walls. They’d be swearing and drinking vodka out of polystyrene cups while a patronising young girl with a clipboard delivers a powerpoint on an abstract noun like accountability and resilience. But I couldn't have been more wrong...


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"There are no bad emotions, only uncomfortable emotions that tell us we need support."

Clinical psychologist and author Dr Janina Scarlet incorporates pop-culture into psychology to create Superhero Therapy. But her origin story is as fascinating as any. In 1986, Janina was three-years-old and lived about 180 miles from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.  


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"it's all crazy at the minute, but it's going to be great!"

I started off by asking how long she has been Lady Gaga for and she replied: "Obviously I'm not the real Lady Gaga!" which sent us both into a giggle. Donna Marie has been a Lady Gaga Tribute act for 9 years which is the most-part of Lady Gaga's career, which started after seeing another tribute act do a Lady Gaga set and she realised that she could pull it off.

A Star is born this way review


"the show made me feel like i was a kid again, dancing in the living room."

As we enter the theatre, there's a rush to the bar for a pre-show drink or ten, people desperately preparing to witness a Welsh woman dressed as an octopus. Trying to get past the queue for the bar, I meet Donna's husband, sound and visual engineer, Nigel, who as his lanyard suggests, prefers to be called 'Lord Gaga'. As far as bumping into people outside of bars goes, Lord Gaga is a new one. meet Jodie Hunt, who has won the competition to perform before the second half, she's nervous and very excited. So am I. My phone rings. Gavin, Donna's dresser, holds up his phone realising I'm right in front of him. He whisks us through a curtain, I walk faster...